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Pepperjax Grill opening soon in St Joseph

Posted: Monday, September 17, 2012 2:53 pm | Updated: 7:26 pm, Mon Sep 17, 2012.

By Jennifer Hall St. Joseph News-Press

Pepperjax Grill, 1908 N. Belt Highway, is preparing to open its St. Joseph location next month.

Mark Burrus, director of operations for the Omaha, Neb.,-based chain, said the restaurant should be opening in the last full week of October and definitely by the end of the month.

 He said the eatery, located above the Rolling Hills Consolidated Library, is finishing up the hiring process as well as construction work.

Mr. Burrus previously told the News-Press that Pepperjax is a quick casual restaurant similar to Chipotle. It is best known for its Philly-style sandwiches and three other items: gourmet rice bowls, giant wraps and fresh salads.

In another restaurant development, it’s been about four months since Em Chamas announced it would be relocating Downtown. While there are no obvious signs of renovations, owner Sam Silvio said the plan is still in the works.

“We’re still looking at the Balanger Building,” he said. “We just need to put together a deal that works for everyone. The plans are still to reopen but no official date is set.”

Mr. Silvio said that if he and his team can put something together within the next week, a November opening date could be possible. If not, Em Chamas is looking at reopening at the beginning of 2013.

“The basic infrastructure is ready to go,” Mr. Silvio said. “We just need to get the rest put together for new plumbing. From there it’s just a bare box to just put together.”

The Brazilian eatery closed its doors at 123 S. Sixth St. over Memorial Day weekend. Ground Round reopened a week later in the space.

The Balanger Building is at Seventh and Edmond streets.

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140 new photos added to St Joseph Memory Lane on September 13,2012

I have added 134 new photos to the following sections:




Schools North of Felix

Schools South of Felix

Places to eat

Belt Highway

Businesses South of Felix

Businesses North of Felix

Parkway & Parks



South St Joseph


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Buchanan County sells acres at North Village Shoppes for the building of a new hotel

Posted: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 6:30 pm

By Marshall White St. Joseph News-Press

The Buchanan County commissioners signed an $829,625 contract Wednesday to sell land at the Shoppes at North Village — land that one day will see a new hotel on the site.

“We’re putting land back in use and back on the tax rolls,” said R.T. Turner, presiding commissioner.

The contract with Ehrhardts’ Jefferson City LLC is for three acres located on North Village Drive, catty-corner from the new Candlewood Suites, which is southeast of the Green Acres office building and banquet hall.

Ehrhardts’ developed the Candlewood Suites complex and is in the planning stages for a new hotel on this three-acre tract, said Don Evans, owner of Evans Realty and developer of the Green Acres building. Ehrhardts’ is also considering adding a restaurant adjacent to Candlewood Suites and has a right of first refusal to 11 acres located behind the new hotel site for other possible development projects.

“That area of town is really booming,” Mr. Evans said.

The county will deposit the sale money in its Shoppes account as a reserve fund.

“We may have to use some of the money for work on infrastructure improvements,” Mr. Turner said.

What the county has been doing up there is designed to make this a destination area, said Dan Hausman, eastern district commissioner. The county would also like to see some housing development, and it has potential for assisting southern Andrew County too, Mr. Hausman said.

“Drive through the area now, and you’ll see a lot of out-of-state license plates,” he said.

Improvements like this are an economic plus for the entire county, said Ron Hook, western district commissioner.

Mr. Hook also sees more jobs in the South Side. “Look for an announcement about more jobs coming to the South End later this month, thanks to the St. Joseph Port Authority,” Mr. Hook said.

And there are still more businesses interested in the old Stockyards area, but there is a problem. The private part of Illinois Avenue that runs from the railroad tracks west to the Stockyards Expressway is a major hindrance, the commissioner said.

No private company has the money to put into improving that road, so maybe it’s time to consider road repairs and eminent domain, Mr. Hook said.

The county continues to work with the St. Joseph Metro Chamber to find ways to attract more jobs to the area, Mr. Turner said.


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New restaurant, Piatto 614, opening Downtown St Joseph on Sept 15,2012

Piatto 614 opening Downtown 

Posted: Wednesday, September 5, 2012 3:24 pm | Updated: 10:47 pm, Wed Sep 5, 2012.

By Jennifer Hall St. Joseph News-Press | 0 comments

Chris and Marilu Frangiadis hope to bring back their restaurant’s natural beauty when they open Piatto 614.

The new Italian restaurant is expected to open in St. Joseph’s Downtown Sept. 15. Piatto, the Italian word for plate, and 614 for the address, 614 Francis St., will feature affordable dishes made from scratch each morning.

“We’re not the boil and bag guys,” Mr. Frangiadis said. “The only thing we are using our fridge and freezer for is our homemade gelato.”

The couple expect that the restaurant will become well known for its pizza and pastas. It’s what the restaurant will live and die by, Mr. Frangiadis said.

Piatto 614 will stay away from any catchy Italian stuff — so no Italian flags or common Italian phrases.

“We’re going to let the food speak for itself,” Mr. Frangiadis said. “We’re going to put old-school and new-school pasta on the menu. We know people will want those familiar pastas like spaghetti, lasagne and tortellini.

But Mr. Frangiadis, his pastry chef wife and two additional sous chefs have big plans for the food.

“We will take as much pride in our meatballs as anything else,” Mr. Frangiadis said.

While a majority of the menu won’t be too foreign for the St. Joseph crowd, the owners do plan to offer dishes like the squid-ink linguine with shrimp and lobster stock as well as tortellini with duck and tagliatelle with butternut squash.

“The hallmark of Italian cooking is letting the ingredients shine,” he said. “Piatto will do this with top-quality cheeses and Italian hams and meats.”

Mr. Frangiadis got his first executive chef position in 1987 at a restaurant in Seattle. Since then he’s been a chef and owner of at least four restaurants, one of which was a popular European-Indian eatery in Pittsburgh. He also worked for a world-renowned Italian restaurant in Tampa, Fla., and was most recently a chef at the Bad Art Bistro in Downtown St. Joseph and a French cafe in Omaha, Neb.

“I grew up in a Greek household,” he said. “So Italian food isn’t that far of a stretch for me.”

Piatto 614 will be open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Mondays, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 5 to 9 p.m. On Saturdays.

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