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Price Chopper Grocery considering new store in St Joseph

Back some years ago, Price Chopper came to St Joseph and purchased the 3 Food-4-Less stores in town.

There was one in the old Safeway store at 23rd & Mitchell, one at Pear & Belt Highway and one in the Commerce Bank lot at Frederick and 36th Street.

They did nothing but restock the stores. There were no modifications made to any of the stores. My wife and I were not impressed at all. The next thing we knew, Price Chopper pulled out and Apple Market took over the 3 stores.

I don’t remember how long their stores were open, maybe a year or so. According to my wife, the stores were not up to normal Price Chopper standards. My wife has been in a Price Chopper in Kansas City and she said that our stores were nothing like the one in Kansas City. She thought the Kansas City store was even nicer than our new Hy-Vee (which is a super nice store).

I have never heard why they left town, was Price Chopper just testing the market here?   Does anyone know what the deal with Price Chopper was exactly?  I would love to know.

So now I read in today’s St Joseph News Press that Price Chopper is considering purchasing the Plaza 8 theaters located at 2219 North Belt and is considering building a new store at that location. Sounds like a good deal to me.  I really wish Kroger or Safeway would come back but I will settle for a nice Price Chopper store. Competition always helps in keeping food prices lower.

For those who do not get the St Joseph News Press, below is the St Joseph News Press article regarding this possible deal:

A local real-estate official is pushing forward with plans to bring a Price Chopper grocery store to St. Joseph.

Ray Sisson with Coldwell Banker General Properties met with Buchanan County officials Tuesday to discuss the possibility of working with the city on a joint venture.

“We’ve been looking at different options to tear down an existing building for redevelopment at the corner of Beck Road and North Belt Highway,” Mr. Sisson said.

Clint Thompson, director of Planning and Community Development with the city, previously confirmed that Price Chopper is looking at opening a new location in town.

Plaza 8 Theater currently sits on the property in question.

City officials have met with Van Trust Real Estate of Kansas City, and Mr. Sisson, on multiple occasions to discuss incentives. The entire project hasn’t moved past early negotiation phases and, David Lacey, a representative with Van Trust, previously stated that there was nothing to report because “it is just too early to know anything.”

“The city staff has reviewed (the project) and done its due diligence,” Mr. Thompson said. “We look at a list to see if there is any match. The city reviews each project to ensure the best use of taxpayer funds.”

There was no official word on whether or not the city has granted or denied Price Chopper any incentives.

Mr. Thompson said city staff members agreed to not speak publicly about the project because they had been asked to keep it confidential.

“We want (the commissioners) to participate with the vision of redeveloping the property,” Mr. Sisson said at the county’s meeting, which was open to the public.

There are many different options for the project, from tax-increment financing to bonds that create certain savings for the project, he said.

All three commissioners agreed they would attend a work session with city officials regarding the development. Mr. Sisson said he plans to arrange that meeting after the Aug. 6 election.

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Dedicated search engine added to the new St Joseph Memory Lane site

A new feature has been added to the hew site:

John Fulmer has been after me to add a search engine to the website. So I investigated the possibilities and found a great one and it also had a good price – FREE OF CHARGE

The search engine will only search St Joseph Memory Lane’s website for your desired information, it will not search the internet. It is a dedicated website only search engine.  It will display all and any section(s) which contain your requested word or words along with a brief description of how that word or phrase appears on a certain page.

I installed a search box near the top of all pages right beneath the title for easy access, it is not just on the main menu, it is on all of my sections so people can search regardless which page they may be on.

Please note: Sections that are external links to someone else’s page, such as Tom’s St Joseph City Buses, will not have a search box.

The search feature will instantly search all of my sections for any word or phrase that you are looking for. If it doesn’t find it, you better check your spelling.

If you want a specific address or a name or whatever, if you enclose it in quotes you will get a more defined search. 

Example: if you want all pages that contain the address 2100 Messanie, it will immediately show you which sections contain that address. If you type in Messanie only, it will display a list of all pages that contain that word.

I think it works pretty darn good.  

So now we have a dedicated search engine and it works really good.  They have several ways to customize it, I may play with ways to improve it’s appearance & performance.

And by the way, I have transferred over and set up my personal homepage (Rick’s Harley Stuff) to be on the same St Joseph Memory Lane. It works fast and furious also now.



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St Joseph Memory Lane’s “NEW”Permanent Home

I have purchased St Joseph Memory Lane’s own domain.

Since it’s creation in 1999, I have had to move the website 3 times – NO MORE

I got tired of having to move the website around, getting shut down waiting for inspections,etc.

It has unlimited space now and supposedly 10 times faster.

The new website URL is  (easy to remember)

I have added a search engine that will search the entire website for what ever you are looking for.

If you put quotation marks before and after any word, it will specifically bring up all pages that the word appears on.

The website is now up and running – check it out sometime


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Keeping both St Joseph Memory Lane websites

Free website hosting services, such as those that I have my St Joseph Memory Lane on, are not the most stable websites. I mean, what can I expect for free anyway? They don’t charge me a single penny. It does cost them money to supply me with website storage space and bandwidth. They make their money on the free websites by selling advertising. My sites could be whacked at the drop of a hat. These companies go out of business, they change their policies, whatever at the drop of a hat.

After being active for 13 years, Fortune City whacked my original SJML website because they wanted to charge everyone money for their services so they discontinued all of their free websites.  

I just may have to break down and spend $5 to $10 a month for a more stable service, one that won’t go down at least until I die and the payments cease. I have put a lot of time and effort into St Joseph Memory Lane but it is really getting to be a chore keeping it alive by moving it around.

I currently have 2 identical St Joseph Memory Lane websites active using the same free service. There is also a 10 year old one on – I had forgotten the password and haven’t been able to access it or modify it in 10 years. It probably has been whacked anyway for lack of activity.

I had been planning on completely deleting the previous one because AT&T customers were not able to access it. But now I think I should leave both sites active just to be on the safe side. If people could not access one, they should be able to access the other. It never hurts to have a backup.

The hosting company that hosts both of my current St Joseph Memory Lane websites and my SJML wordpress websites,, supposedly has a limit of 6000 files or 3 gigabyte available space for websites. At least I have read that in their forum, I don’t know that is true or not.  I currently have over 7500 files & photos on St Joseph Memory Lane and am using 1.5 gigabytes of storage space. If the 6000 file limit is true, I am kind of pushing the envelope here. If I were pay for a website space, there are no limits, so I am considering the possibility of doing such.

Right now, I am sorta upset because on July 28 about 10 am, they temporarily shut down my newest site for review. They are going through all of my files to make sure everything is legal and correct with no pirated software or host any illegal activities.

During this review, I cannot access, upload, modify, delete, or even examine my website, basically I am temporarily blocked out of it along with everyone else.  The review was supposed to be done within 2-4 hours, it’s now been almost 18 hours. I have read complaints in the forum that people have waited 3 or 4 days for the review to finish.  So, I have no idea when the St Joseph Memory Lane site will be back up. I have now decided that it would be best to keep both sites active just to be safe..

The older St Joseph Memory Lane –  (which is not accessible by AT&T users)

The new St Joseph Memory Lane – (which is accessible by AT&T users)

If you are unable to access one, try the other, they are both pretty much identical.




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St Joseph Memory Lane has moved to new URL (again….groan)

Ever since Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast last year, people with AT&T Internet were no longer able to access the St Joseph Memory Lane website. AT&T technicians also were not able to connect.

The problem had to be an AT&T problem, possibly an East Coast server problem.

So on July 25, 2013, I moved the St Joseph Memory Lane site to another URL (for the 3rd time)

Effective September 1, 2013, I will completely remove the old site. There will be no new data or photos added to the old site but I will leave the old site up for one month so people can read the move notice I have posted on the main page.

AT&T customers are able now to access this new server without any problems.

Hopefully this will be the very last time I have to move St Joseph Memory Lane.

The new URL for St Joseph Memory Lane is:

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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Cruising the Old Belt Highway (US Highway 71)

Do you remember the old days when the Belt Highway was a small 4 lane highway with just a few businesses along the highway?

Check out the photos below and see how many structures you recognize

I have marked some that I remember

This is looking north from Woodbine and Faraon Streets. 

The big empty lot at the tip of the KFEQ Tower is where East Hills Shopping Center now exists


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Rick Drozd & 1993 Harley Heritage Softtail Classic

Rick Drozd & 1993 Harley Heritage Softtail Classic

Rick Drozd

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