3 New sections added to St Joseph Memory Lane

04 Aug

I have created 3 new sections for St Joseph High Schools called “IN MEMORY OF”

The 3 sections are Central High School’s Class of 1959, Class of 1962 and Class of 1963

I used these 3 years because I had access to the data and photos for these Central High classes

We all have old high school memories concerning friends & fellow classmates who have passed away. These new sections will help preserve and bring back such memories of loved ones we once knew.

After all, this is St Joseph Memory Lane – if it is a memory, we want it posted here.

If available, the sections display photos and information of deceased classmates. The photos displayed may range from their Freshman year clear up to their passing and anything in between.

If available, the date of their passing, cause of their death and surviving spouse or partner in life are displayed

Each section has a counter to monitor traffic flow. Only 1st time visitors are counted. Repeat visits are not counted. (unless someone had cleared their browser’s cache)

At some point, I would like to add a guest book so visitors would be able to leave.comments.

If anyone would like to donate any additional information or photos of any people listed in these sections, you are invited to send me such information or photos and it will be promptly added.

If any other classes from any St Joseph High School, past or present, wish to submit their data & photos of deceased classmates, they are invited to contact me at and I will create a dedicated section for them.

The high schools that could be included are: Central High, Benton High, Lafayette High, The Convent, Bishop LeBlond, Christian Brothers and Bartlett Colored High School. (who I saw just had a class reunion here in town)

Basically my thoughts are, if I could entice enough people from all 7 high schools to submit their photos and data of deceased classmates, I could eventually create one dedicated section and call it “Find A Deceased Classmate” or something along that line.

EXAMPLE: If someone who had attended Benton High and was wanting to see “if and when” a friend who went to Lafayette or one of the other High Schools,had passed away, they could easily locate their friend’s information in this section.

It’s just a thought – I would love to know your thoughts on this, let me know what you think



Posted by on August 4, 2013 in Downtown St Joseph


2 responses to “3 New sections added to St Joseph Memory Lane

  1. Margaret Justice

    August 4, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    How about adding the Central class of 1968? How about adding a reunion section for high school classes?

    • Rick Drozd

      August 4, 2013 at 8:19 pm

      As I stated, if any St Joseph high school class wants their own “In Memory Of” section for their deceased classmates for a specific year, such as Class of 1968, they just need to send me the photos and needed info in a certain format and I will gladly create a section for them. I had 3 people request the sections for there class, sent me needed photos and info. Takes me about 4-6 hours to create one of those sections.

      A reunion section could be possible, but you are talking about 7 high schools and up to 60 years to cover and they would have to contribute the photos, names and dates in my format. We had our 50th last year, There was many that I did not recognize because I hadn’t seen most for 50 years. Reunion photos would have to be labeled with everyone’s names. That could prove to be quite a task for distant and group shots. Maybe I could consider such after I see how the memorial sections pan out.


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